Anna Elyse - Designed for the PERFECT fit

What is the price range of your dresses?

Pricing of our dresses depends on number of bridesmaids, fabric and style chosen. Please see your desired Anna Elyse style on the website for detailed pricing information or give us a call at 626-396-1900.
We offer the following Discount Tier:

Discount Tier for Silk Dupioni ONLY:

5% discount: 3-6 Silk Dupioni dresses
10% discount: 7+ Silk Dupioni dresses

How soon do I need to order?

Anna Elyse™ manufactures locally in the Los Angeles area and ships your order 10 weeks from the week your complete order is received by us. If ordering through our Flagship store, you should plan on about a week for shipping and another 2 – 3 weeks for alterations. If ordering through a Salon, please check with them as suggested times may vary per Salon. If you are able, it is best to order approximately 16 weeks from the wedding date. Please call for rush order availability if needed

Do I need to pay for my dress in advance?

If ordering through Anna Elyse Bridesmaids™ directly, we require a 50% deposit. Final payment (your balance) is due when your order is scheduled to ship. Of course, you are welcome to pay in full if you prefer. Orders cannot be shipped without receipt of final payment. If you are ordering through one of our participating retail salons, please check with them as to their deposit and final payment policies.

Is my dress returnable?

Unfortunately, no it is not. Your dress is cut and put into production once it is ordered. It does not get pulled from stock as it would if purchased from a mass marketing company.

How do I know the dress will fit me?  How do I get sized?

Our dresses are made in STANDARD SIZES per our Size Chart.  Please be sure to get professionally measured (your local tailor or dry cleaner can do this for you) using the instruction on ourMeasurement Guide. A word of caution: DO NOT get measured over your jeans or street clothes. Doing so might distort your correct measurements and possibly put you into an incorrect size. (And nobody likes being a larger size, girls!) Check the Fit Guide for your appropriate style and compare your measurements to the chart to gauge your correct size.

What if I want to lose weight before the wedding?

Good for you! But, even losing five pounds can possibly change your dress size. If you do lose weight after choosing your size, please expect additional alterations to your dress. If you intend to lose considerable weight before the wedding (I'm talking at least 15 or 20 pounds ladies), please give us a call to discuss your sizing options.

What’s a “TBD” and how does it work?

Great question.  Here’s the “skinny” (no pun intended!)  If you are intending to lose a tremendous amount of weight (NOT just 5 or 10 pounds) or if you are a Mother-to-Be, we offer something special.  It’s “TBD” or “To Be Determined” sizing.   If you elect this option, you may wait until closer to the wedding to give us your final size choice. When the bridal party’s order is cut and put into production, we will put aside an appropriate amount of fabric so that your dress will be cut from the same dye lot.(We will need an approximate size and your chosen style from you to be able do this). Once we get your final size choice, we will ship your dress 6 weeks from when we receive the information. Pretty good, huh?   

Will I need alterations?  Isn’t this going to be a “custom dress” if you have my measurements?

Measurements are taken so that they can be compared to our Standard Size Chartand the size that most closely compares to your measurements can be selected.   Our dresses are not “custom made” to fit you personally per the measurements taken. Each customer MUST choose their own size and MOST dresses will require alterations.  Again, consulting the Fit Guide for the style you have chosen will assist you in choosing the correct size.

What if I am smaller on top than on the bottom?

Anna Elyse offers something special – Split Sizing.  For NO additional charge, you may elect to choose split sizing if your bust measurement puts you into one size, but your waist and hips put you into the next size up. This helps reduce excessive alterations. IMPORTANT: We can ONLY offer one size difference, e.g. 8/10 or 4/6 or 14/16, etc. and DO NOT offer reverse split sizing (10/8, 6/4, etc.). Once again, see the Fit Guide for the style you are choosing to help you determine if this is something that will work for you.  We’re the only designer in the industry that does this, so take advantage!

What do I do if I don’t have a store nearby?

We work with many, many brides and their maids that do not live near one of our participating salons. Just give us a call at 626-396-1900 or email us at with any questions you may have. To order directly from us, just click the Ordering tab and download all the forms and instruction you will need.   If you haven’t already done so, you will need to Registerwith us to be able to Login.  We are happy to assist you in placing your order and will answer any questions you may have. 

How do I order swatches?

Ordering swatches can be done in several ways.  First, you can Register with us to Build Your Bridal Party.   Swatches can be ordered as you choose the colors you’d like to see.  You can also click on the Swatches link under the Ordering tab.  Or, you may email us your requests at  Please note that we offer up to 6 complimentary swatches per bride.  Additional swatches are available at a cost of $10 for every additional 6 requested. Once we have received your dress order, we will be happy to provide additional swatches of your chosen color(s) for florists, wedding planners, etc. with our compliments.

My bridesmaids live all over! How and where should they place their order?

It is important that all of the individuals in your Bridal Party place their order from the same location. This is so that all of the dresses can be cut from the same bolt of fabric, ensuring the same dye lot. If you are working through a salon, it is usually in the same area where the bride lives. If there is no salon in the bride’s area we are happy to help you directly. See our Ordering page for more information and easy to follow instructions.